This type of supplements is important since they help eliminate excess liquids and salts retained in our body.

They are widely used in weight control and weight loss diets as well as for preventing and improving the symptoms of those suffering from heart or liver failure, tissue swelling and kidney disorders.

Inmuno Booster

Food supplement with probiotics
vitaminas, arabinogalactanos y propóleo.

Omega 3

Food supplement from EPA and DHA omega 3 essential oils, recommended to fight depressed moods and joint pain.

Calcio Coral

Food supplement with calcium and vitamin D, for healthy bones.


Food supplement with vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy body.


Food supplement with tyrosine and vitamin B6.


Food supplement with L-triptofan and vitamin B6 to help reduce fatigue and tiredness while contributing to a normal psychological function.

Vientre Plano

Food supplement from plant extracts that reduces abdominal volume, minimizes gas and flatulence, and improves digestion.

CBD Calm Spray

CBD oil with L-Tryptophan, made form organic hemp extract. Contains naturally present CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenoids.

CBD Calm

CBD capsules are encapsulated oils and are made from certified and organic hemp extracts. Contains natural CBD, terpenoids and other phytocannabinoids.


Food supplement with D-mannose,
plant extracts and vitamin C that helps
prevent cystitis.